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The Roxy Theater (Missoula, MT)
Focus: Donated media from patrons, films, etc!

Jeff BarberFocus: Rock and roll, etc.

Brandt Thomas (Butte, MT)
Focus: Classic rock, odds and sods, lots more!

Collin Pruitt and Mike Steinberg (Missoula, MT)
Focus: 45s, loser folk, etc!

Matt Donovan (Jackson Hole, WY)
Focus: classic rock, etc.

Kevin Sherwood (Missoula, MT)
Focus: Garage rock and more.

Martin Zobel (Mission Valley, MT)
Focus: soul, funk, hip hop, rock

Travis Morss and Bryan Ramirez (Missoula, MT)
Focus: Killertree Records label, garage, outsider, etc.

Palouse Vinyl Alliance (Moscow, ID)
Focus: Potpurri.

Ear Candy Music (Missoula, MT)
Focus: Deep cuts from the back room!

Scott Storer (Missoula, MT)
Focus: Deep cuts from the back room!

Hank Trotter (Missoula, MT)
Focus: a crate of records, handmade posters and books.

Josh Vanek (Missoula, MT)
Focus: Wantage USA label and distro, noise rock, punk, weird folk, rock, world.

Molly Davidson
Focus: potpourri.

Focus: Potpourri.

Focus: Potpourri.

Focus: Potpourri

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